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03-2024 | Code & Theory

Donovan Tolledo | Production
Nicole Dellert | Strategy
Katherine Auguston | Creative Direction
Gabby Rohland | Copywriting
Julia Mabini | Strategy
Matthew Heigl | Design Direction
Ashleigh O’Dea | Art Direction
JoJo Pardee | Visual Design
Karen Zhou | Visual Design
Tom O’Connor | Motion Design

Small businesses need new customers, and Amazon has the customers they need.

Amazon partnered with Code & Theory to create a campaign that encourages small businesses and entrepreneurs to put their trust in Amazon Ads, by approaching them as a mega collaborator. This campaign brings the world’s largest business closer to small businesses and connects customers and audiences. 

These one-off social posts appear on Amazon Ads various platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Threads, and X. Each graphic highlights a specific partnership that brought customers to small businesses that leveraged Amazon’s consumer base.

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