Bird’s Eye View

+ Motion Graphics
+ Creative Direction
+ Video Editing & Animation
+ Type Design
+ Poster Design
+ Photo Editing
+ Graphic Design
11-2022 | Reframing the Poster

Advised by Nancy Skolos at Rhode Island School of Design.

Bird’s Eye View is a teaser video animation for UMI’s song, Bird’s Eye View. The animation visualizes the sonic and lyrical qualities of her song by appealing to the viewer’s senses and expressing content primarily through type and audio. This project pushes typographic relationships with unconventional photography vignettes superimposed on top of each other, using imagery sourced from bird documentation and Google Earth. I created my own typographic language by collaging disparate elements from images that I sourced and further treated to serve as a literal interpretation of the song title. The background features images from Google Earth, all of which are captured from an aerial perspective, alluding to the other meaning of “bird’s eye view”. By treating the poster form as a stage for performance, Bird’s Eye View demonstrates how type is anchored to the surface of the poster.

UMI’s Bird’s Eye View is part of her Forest in the City album, and features natural scenery, botanical references, and environmental elements.

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