My Focus:

1. Create an experience that encourages participants to make noise and music.

2. Engage opportunities for participants to play and organize a “symphony” among themselves.
May 2022
Experiential Design Installation

    ✤ Risograph
    ✤ Illustrator
    ✤ Curation
Daycare Symphony

For this experiential installation, I was asked to select an object with a simple interaction and dissect/analyze its qualities. I chose a hand clapper noisemaker toy.

The goal was to establish an understanding of the nuances and overarching experience of the object, deconstruct the experience as a way to spur new ideas, and record the observations and its most intriguing takeaways.

    Learning Goals
            ︎︎︎ Practice close looking, critical assessment, and opportunistic thinking. 
            ︎︎︎ Gain an understanding of visceral, behavioral, and reflective design principles through evaluation.
            ︎︎︎ Use translation and simplification in the design of experience in space. 
            ︎︎︎ Apply basic experiential strategies.
            ︎︎︎ Practice proposal development.

Wall Graphics

Installation Details


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