ROGUEXF@B Sustainability & Environments

+ Editorial Design
+ Publication Design
+ Graphic Design


Images: courtesy of F@B Photography
Articles: Rogue Fashion and F@B Editorial
Apparel: F@B Design for Brown Fashion Week
Models: F@B
Stylists: F@B Hair + Makeup
09-2022 | Fashion@Brown

Collaboration with Rogue Fashion at Brown University.

Printed by Allegra Publishing in Providence, Rhode Island.

This publication marks the first collaboration between College Hill’s two premier fashion organizations: Fashion@Brown and Rogue Fashion. Inspired by their commitment to. diversity, equity and inclusion in the world of fashion, the Rogue team has published a number of magazines and editorials that seek to engage the broader student audience. Similarly, Fashion@Brown’s work is strongly guided by the values of acceptance and inclusivity. Sustainability & Environments is a manifestation of these shared values and has uplifted talented members—student photographers, writers, models, and hair & makeup artists—towards a common creative goal.

Fashion@Brown and Rogue are delighted to showcase the product of our collaboration. We hope that the stories painted by our stunning photography and original editorials will cultivate your love for fashion and inspire you to express yourself through it.

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