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+ Typography
05-2022 | Design Studio IV

Advised by Tom Wedell at Rhode Island School of Design.

MillerKnoll | Knoll Research Library

Knoll is a constellation of design-driven brands and people, working together with their clients to create inspired modern interiors. Since 1938, they have been thinking about how people interact with their environments, and how their environments impact what they do. 

The Knoll Research Library, originally named Knoll Workplace Research Library, is a subsection of Knoll that focuses on exploring the links between workplace design + human behavior; ergonomics + health; and the quality of the workplace + user performance.

Animated Logo

Static Logo
This logomark represents a side profile of a chair as a reference to the Knoll furniture brand, and three gradient book spines to reference the research library section of the company. Since Knoll has expanded its clientele beyond corporate buildings into healthcare, I decided to shorten the name from Knoll Workplace Research Library to Knoll Research Library.


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