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04-2022 | Case Study

Advised by Ilhee Park at Rhode Island School of Design.

From mid-March to April, I enrolled in a 4-week UI/UX workshop course where I had to redesign the RISD app and streamline the RISD ride-share ordering service. I conducted user interviews, collected information from current RISD students and observed their needs and wants from the school’s RISDrides app ordering service. I worked on ideating, researching, designing, and prototyping a solution for the app to increase efficiency in accessing features and ordering a ride.

I created wireframes, prototype interactions, established the UI style guide and brand identity, and produced multiple iterations of the designs based on feedback from RISD students.


✤ Reduce number of pages to reach the main screen, streamline log in experience

✤ Display all important information on main screen, use color and graphics to aid clarity

✤ Arrange extra features (bookmarks/favorites) in one place on the screen

Benefits of myRISD app

✤ RISDrides quick ordering

✤ Check/add funds to account balances

✤ Check dining menus efficiently

Key Frames

Home Screen Redesign

High Fidelity Frames

User Journey

User Interviews

Key Insights



UI Style Guide

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