Self Care Soireé

+ Senior Thesis/Degree Project
+ Creative Direction
+ Exhibition Design
+ Publication Design
+ Multimedia
+ Risograph Printing
+ Typography
+ Laser Cutting
+ Sewing
+ Bookbinding

05-2023 | Degree Project

Advised by Pouya Ahmadi at Rhode Island School of Design.

This was the final project for the BFA Graphic Design Undergraduate Degree.

Self-Care Soireé explores the various habits and activities that I incorporate into my lifestyle that help me imbue meaning and purpose into the things I do for myself and others. These explorations manifest in a collection of physical publications that straddle the forms of books and objects. The final exhibition ties all of these pieces together in the form of a community-building dinner party.
My degree project is a labor of love.

Self care is the process of learning to treat myself with the same form of grace and kindness that I treat people I love. My approach to living life involves acting with intentionality, down to the most trivial experiences, social gatherings, and opportunities for building personal connections.

In the 20th century, artist Yoko Ono created a piece called the “Grapefruit Book” that was comprised of a series of thought experiments that addressed small-bore human desires and called for the satisfaction of those impulses through small actions. When Ono found her family in a dire life situation during the Second World War, her solution was to turn to her imagination. Together she and her brother imagined an ice cream dinner, and she noticed that he started to look happy. It was in that moment that she realized the power of bettering one’s situation through intentional imagination, and considered that conceptual dinner to be her first piece of art.

In my own life, one of the practices I have adopted as a form of self-care and a model for social gathering and community-building is the dinner party archetype. Every little detail that goes into the dinner party contributes to the synergy of the overall experience and indispensable effect of building friendships, cherishing memories, and living with intentionality.

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